Avatar Humanity had used up all the resources on Earth by 2154. This has led to extreme energy shortages. It is the one that is responsible for the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

To study the biosphere of Pandora Scientists use Na’vi-human hybrids, also known as “avatars”. They are genetically compatible humans. Jake Sully is a former Marine paraplegic who assumes the duties of his identical twin brother, Jake Sully. Grace Augustine, the head of the Avatar Program considers Sully an inadequate replacement, however she accepts his position as an bodyguard. Dr. Jake is attacked by the Pandoran animals and escapes to the woods. Neytiri is a female Na’vi is able to save him and bring him back to the family.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, the head of the RDA’s private security forces Colonel Miles Quaritch, the head of RDA’s private security force, assure Jake that the legs of the company will be restored once they learn more about the Na’vi and their place of gathering The huge tree is called Hometree [3838. Quaritch also shows Jake’s assault on the bulldozer in 3939 and another one in the scene in which Jake affirms that the Na’vi people will never ever leave Hometree.

Grace claims that the demise of Hometree could damage Pandora’s neural system biological. Selfridge offers Jake one hour to persuade Na’vi to quit before they strike. She then transports Grace to her home. Quaritch shoots Grace however she is able to escape.

Jake utilizes the Tree of Souls to connect to Toruk to gain the trust of the Na’vi.

The battle results in Na’vi suffering severe injuries. They are saved by Pandoran who are part of the fight against humans. This is the interpretation of Neytiri’s Jake’s prayer. Jake manages to destroy the bomber before the Tree of Souls can reach them. Quaritch is able to escape the destroyed aircraft and discovers the avatar link device that was holding Jake’s body. Quaritch exposes the device’s avatar to the poisonous atmosphere of Pandora and is about to cut Jake’s throat. However, Neytiri beats Quaritch by launching two Arrows. Jake finally recognizes his human body and flees from the wreckage of his plane.

With the exception of Jake and Norm The majority of people are banished from Pandora and returned to Earth. Jake is forever transformed by the Tree of Souls.


Avatar อวตาร


By preciousyak85


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